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Ask for a quotation : how does it work ?

For all requests, I would need some essential informations :


> What do you want and for what use ?

Ex : Bookcover for a small edition, illustration for playing card, promotional poster, …

> When do you need it ?

Fantasy fox
Josephine Baker_canevas
A la plage

My favorite type is fantasy. I'm not confortable with realism, far preferring to let my imagination speak :) Above there are requests from individual, professional and association, from a simple illustration, to a canvas use or for an artbook cover.

You already know exactly what you want ?

I invite you to contact me (by the contact page or by clicking on the button below), and describe me your project with as much as information as possible. If you have any documents or references, please feel free to provide them to me as well !

You have an idea but don’t quite know where to go?

In this case we will examine it together to define it better, based on some works already made for example.

My skills areas (not exhaustive)


- bookcover : illustration only, with graphicdesign's title or full mock-up

- illustration for a commercial use youth / adult (magazine, game, cards, ... )

- illustration for personnal use

- poster

- strip or short illustrative comic

- small illustrations like icon, avatar

- logotype

I don't do :

- Family or pet's portraits

- traditionnal painted picture

- photomanipulation

- websites and other graphicdesign stuff, etc.

Note :  Except the creations from my shop, I don't send anything by post. Commissions are only sent by email. You will receive the files in high quality and be free to print it on whatever you want.

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